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Vanak Clinic
Skin and beauty

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Vanak Clinic
Skin & Beauty Specialist

A dermatologist is specialized in skin and hair care diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair and nails problems. In addition, the dermatologist is fully aware of the management of aesthetic disorders such as hair loss and the effects of ulcers.
Vanak Clinic is a skin and hair treatment center, developed by Dr. Mehdi Izadi, a dermatologist and beauty specialist. At this center, in this clinic,we follow a highly focused approach and at the same time provide the most healthy innovated and advanced treatments for the skin and hair. Vanak Clinic of Skin and Hair is officially licensed by the Ministry of Health.

Other Services

Other ervices of the specialized Vanak Beauty Clinic



Clinic Facilities

Vanak Clinical services divide into four categories of skin and hair treatments, rejuvenation, small surgeries and hair transplantation.


Clinic Services

Sample services at Vanak Clinic   

Genesis Laser

Low-intensity LASER waves cause skin collagens to change form  and make wrinkles and scars decrease. 

Fractional Micro needling

FRF causes the pillars to be degraded in the skin; the regenerative process of the skin begins with these damaged pillars

facial hair removal

Laser is a monochromatic and highly coherent beam. Laser beams pass through the surface of the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the root of the hair and causes heat.

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