What is a yellow wound?

What is yellow wound and why is it caused?
Yellow wound is a superficial and contagious skin infection caused by bacteria.

In what kind of people causes yellow wounds?

The yellow wound affects most children who live in crowded areas. This dermatologic infection is more common in boys (maybe they are more likely to become
naughty and have more skin damage and infections), as well as more severe in the hot season.


How does the yellow wound appear and what is the shape of its lesions?

Yellow scarring is more common on the face and limbs. First, lesions are created that are later broken down by the center and create a yellow color that is red
underneath. In other words, yellow wounds are similar to ulcers with yellow scaly and usually do not have pain. The patient does not have fever or other symptoms.

What is the effect of yellow wounds?

Kidneys may be sought after a specific type of yellow ulcers. This type of kidney involvement usually occurs after 1 to 3 weeks after a wound that is yellow with a specific type of bacteria. Also, in young children, if the yellow ulcer is not treated in a timely and appropriate manner, it may cause infection from the skin to other areas
of the body, such as bone and lungs, and cause infections in these areas.

How is yellow ulcer treated?

To treat yellow wounds, antibiotics should be prescribed. Prescription antibiotics can be oral (cephalexin or coloxacilin) or topical (mupirocin). The mupirocin cream is used to prevent yellow wounds in areas of affected skin (such as insect bites).